Monday, October 26, 2009

Window Shopping at H&M

Window Shopping at H&M

This is a military style grey stretch denim jacket. I thought it was really cute because of the wash and the fact that it was cropped. In the photo the jacket is closed but I would wear it open with a plain white tank top tucked into a nice pair of black skinny jeans.

I loved this shirt. It was long and could have been a mini dress. I would wear this with some black lace tights, black suede thigh high boots, a black motorcycle jacket and a cool hat with a brim.

Great floral blouse. The black lining gave it some edge. Me like it.

I enjoyed the lace top on this blouse.

Very 80's but cute.

H&M had some nice leggings on display. Here is one.

I want these sneakers.

A nice military inspired jacket with a fur trim. I need to stay away from the military stuff. I have enough from my days in the Air Force.

I never liked fur but I thought this jacket was fun.

I really like how this look was styled. I love layers.

More cute sneakers.

This leather jacket is bad ass.

This coat was made for me. I wished I had tried it on before I left.

This coat was interesting just not on me.


Sparkly shoulders

More sparkly shoulders

The shape on this sweater was amazing in person. I don't think I captured it here.

Don't forget to accessorize

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