Friday, October 30, 2009

My Shoes

My Shoes

Urban Outfitters (2 yrs old)

Urban Outfitters (2yrs old)

My sister bought these for me cause she saw me looking at them in a store but I've only wore them once because it's hard to find an outfit to pair them up with.

They didnt have the low-tops in this color so I bought the high-tops. This is a purchase I regret.

My various pairs of flats

I love Converses

I love Vans too

Nike G series

More flats cause I can't seem to be able to walk in flats

The Dr. Marten's

Damn!! more shoes

I thought I was so fly when I bought these, Girl bye.

I really think I should consider selling off some of these shoes or just putting them in one of those "Cloth The World" containers on the side of the road. Some of these shoes I haven't wore in long time. Doesn't make sense to keep holding on to all these pairs of shoes. Kinda sad. The reason I have so many shoes is really due to the fact that I use to work for an online shoe company. The shoe company gave employees 70% discounts on shoes. Anyway, these aren't even all my shoes but I got tired of taking pictures. All these shoes and no where to go.

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