Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Fashion Plea From an Unemployed Blogger

Another Fashion Plea From an Unemployed Blogger

Its been over a year and I'm still unemployed. As you guys know if you've been keeping up with my blog from day one, I left a great paying job working for the Federal Government to pursue a position in the fashion industry. I had a short stint with a jewelry wholesaler but was laid off after about a month working there. Now, I'm sending out another plea to anyone with connections within the fashion industry to help a sister out. If you guys know of any available positions within the New York, New Jersey metro area I would be ever so grateful if you contacted me with the info.

Its almost Christmas and I don't want to be alone, broke and unemployed like I was last year. Even though, I may not have a degree or any formal training in the industry I have passion and dedication. The only wish I have for myself is that I finally find a career that I love and respect. I want to wake up in the morning and know I'm doing something I absolutely enjoy. Therefore, I am going to attach a link to my resume and cover letter. Click on it and spread it around. I'm gonna need your help. Lastly when it comes to jobs I will do mail, assisting, stock, inventory, coffee runs, anything entry-level where I can learn and grow. My dream job is to be a Stylist Assistant but who knows. I'm hopeful.

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