Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Really Want These Shoes.

Dru Ny Canvas Wedge


Deena & Ozzy Peeptoe Slingback Heel

Sweet Life by Dolce Vita


Im a slave to Urbanoutfitters and these shoes are on my wishlist. Sooo, does anyone want to contribute to the "I Have a Dream" Fund? It will be much appreciated.

Im Broke!!!!!

Aw Man! My shopping days may be over for a certain period of time. Yesterday I paid my rent which is $770.00 a month, bought a new bus card for $65.00 and last week I paid a Amex bill that reached to over $700 (DAMN!). Therefore, I have decided to chill on spending any money for the next couple of pay periods so that I can stabilize my bank account. I just feel like lately I have been spending to much money on eating out, nail polish and random shopping habits. I guess this all stems from the months of non shopping due to unemployment and depression. Now I have a job and a fashion blog fueling me to buy and be happy once again cause its been a long time since Ive been to the mall or even had a interest in anything let alone fashion. For months my Vogue, Lucky, Elle and Nylon subscriptions layed on my ends tables piling up, untouched and unread. I didn't turn a page or even opened the plastic on some of them. So now I'm going to take this time to read all those unread pages and give my pockets a rest. Sorry, Urbanoutfitters, AA and Target. com. I will miss you all but I will be back soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Look Goes As Follows #5

American Eagle yellow hoodie over a army green long tank, Target sparkling grey leggings and Iron Maiden Vans from

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Look Goes As Follows #4

Vintage Canadian Army blouse over an Old Navy white buttoned tank, black American Apparel skirt, black peek-a-boo leggings, grey knitted benet and of course my Converse sneakers with spikes.

Faith 21 Unboxing

When I heard Forever 21 was starting a plus size line I was extremely excited. So once the new line hit their website I made sure I had my AMEX card in hand ready to charge it. I bought a few items but I really wished I could have gotten more then that. Unfortunately, the Faith 21 is still in its infancy and there wasn't a lot to chose from. Some of the stuff was very typical of a plus size line. Drapes, Drapes and more Drapes but I'm not a window so I passed on most of the tops. Needless to say I will be back because some of the fashions looked very promising and I can't wait till fall to see more prospective purchases.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whats in Your Pocket

I found this site over a year ago and posted a picture in support of the project. The project is called "Face Your Pockets" and basically you take out all the things that are in your pockets, or bag and scan them along side your face. Once your done you can email the photo to the site and they will then add it the project website. Its fun and allows you to be creative for a good cause (Art). So please go support the project.

How Much Do We Love

I love this bag but the price tag is giving me fever. How much do we love this bag from AnonymousAgent?


Price:$245.00(DAMN!, DAMN!, DAMN!!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009



I want to start designing jewelry and other things so today I decided to take a trip to NYC and visit TOHO a store that sells beads, trimmings, ornaments and supplies. Now I don't know anything about jewelry making so I was definintly lost and overwhelmed by the various selections. I did come away with a few things but next time I'll be a more prepared with some sketches and ideas. I spent more then anticipated and I feel like what I bought is a little scattered and I might end up with a mess or nothing. I'll keep you guys posted on my designs so stay tuned.

Unsatisfied Customer

A few days ago I bought a bag from Wing&Wendy which is a shop at First let me just say I love Etsy and go there frequently. Anyway, I was looking for a bag and found one at their site so I purchased it and waited for the delivery. Well today I got the bag and was very disappointed with the size. On the site the bag looked so much bigger then what I received. First, I like big bags because I holds a lot of stuff and this bag couldn't hold my wallet. Second, the straps are short which places the bag directly under my arm (I hate that). Also, when I put my arm down it almost completely covers the bag. I am so upset because when I checked their site it said they don't do refunds (WTF). Oh boy! now I have a $90 bag that I don't want. Maybe, I can resell it on eBay and get some of my money back. Anybody want to buy a bag?

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My Photo

Do you see what I'm talking about?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Look Goes As Follows #3

Faded cropped pink Gap cardigan over a free with subscription Nylon T-shirt and blue leggings from The leggings give off a faux denim look which is the reason I bought two pairs. Leopard print shoes are from Hot Topic and how much do you love the hot pink strap across the foot?

Crochet Love

I just received my earrings from Crochet Love in the mail and after seeing them I don't think this will be my last purchase. If you guys want to buy a pair go to Her work is amazing.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Look Goes As Follows #2

Asphalt V-neck tee with small breast pocket underneath an American Apparel Circle Scarf that I transformed into a shawl paired with Target Tie Dye leggings and Urbanoutfitters tan canvas shoes with the sides cut out for a nice summery feel. The weather today called for this look.