Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jewels from Forever 21

Well it looks like a little trip to the mall for essentials turned into an unexpected shopping spree for myself. My main purpose for going to the mall was to buy my sister a graduation card but before I did that I decided to browse around Forever 21 to see if their new plus size line Faith 21 had hit the racks yet. Sadly when I entered the store I saw that the sizes had not changed and only women with no curves were allowed to shop there still. Anyway, I did what all plus size women do at Forever 21 look at accessories like earrings and necklaces. That's when I pulled out my debit card and made a few purchases.

I bought 4 pairs of earrings and a necklace. The 1st pair were silver with fringe chains hanging from a flower that was hanging from white pearl placed in a silver setting. The 2nd was a pair of tear drop shape earrings with black string woven in the middle. The 3rd was a large pair of round earrings with floral designs all around it. Also, there was a pair of dripping black leaves. Lastly, I purchased a simple layered necklace. What do you think?

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