Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unsatisfied Customer

A few days ago I bought a bag from Wing&Wendy which is a shop at First let me just say I love Etsy and go there frequently. Anyway, I was looking for a bag and found one at their site so I purchased it and waited for the delivery. Well today I got the bag and was very disappointed with the size. On the site the bag looked so much bigger then what I received. First, I like big bags because I holds a lot of stuff and this bag couldn't hold my wallet. Second, the straps are short which places the bag directly under my arm (I hate that). Also, when I put my arm down it almost completely covers the bag. I am so upset because when I checked their site it said they don't do refunds (WTF). Oh boy! now I have a $90 bag that I don't want. Maybe, I can resell it on eBay and get some of my money back. Anybody want to buy a bag?

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