Sunday, May 31, 2009

Im Broke!!!!!

Aw Man! My shopping days may be over for a certain period of time. Yesterday I paid my rent which is $770.00 a month, bought a new bus card for $65.00 and last week I paid a Amex bill that reached to over $700 (DAMN!). Therefore, I have decided to chill on spending any money for the next couple of pay periods so that I can stabilize my bank account. I just feel like lately I have been spending to much money on eating out, nail polish and random shopping habits. I guess this all stems from the months of non shopping due to unemployment and depression. Now I have a job and a fashion blog fueling me to buy and be happy once again cause its been a long time since Ive been to the mall or even had a interest in anything let alone fashion. For months my Vogue, Lucky, Elle and Nylon subscriptions layed on my ends tables piling up, untouched and unread. I didn't turn a page or even opened the plastic on some of them. So now I'm going to take this time to read all those unread pages and give my pockets a rest. Sorry, Urbanoutfitters, AA and Target. com. I will miss you all but I will be back soon.

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