Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Look Goes As Follows #1

Today I wore a Man's yellow striped cardigan, white T-shirt that read "Drop Dead Not Bombs" and black Stirrup tights. The cardigan and T-shirt were both bought from Urbanoutfitters out of the men's department on 14th street in NYC. I purchased the tights from Target.com which is where I buy all my leg wear nowadays. I have given up on denim till I lose a considerable amount of weight. Wearing jeans is not only very uncomfortable but a horrible shopping experience when your a plus size woman like myself. I just gave up on denim ans settled fro tights and legging in an assortment of comfortability. Anyway, I like the look and feel of the T-shirt and how it the sleeves unlike many women's versions are longer and completely covers the top part of both my arms.

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