Friday, October 30, 2009

Chanel Kennebrew is Amazing

Chanel Kennebrew is Amazing


You guys!! I've just became a fan of Chanel Kennebrew after viewing her amazing site at junkprints. I'm literally looking through her shop with my mouth open. Her stuff is so great. I like to call her stuff hip-hop chic and very reminiscent of the late 80's early 90's street wear. Not only is she a designer but she's also a illustrator, and art director. What really amazes me is we are the same age (82 babies). I feel like she has done and continues to do so much in such a short period of time and I find that inspiring. Y'all gotta check her flickr account out. I'm still looking through it in aw. Also, friend her on her facebook and tell her sent you.

My Shoes

My Shoes

Urban Outfitters (2 yrs old)

Urban Outfitters (2yrs old)

My sister bought these for me cause she saw me looking at them in a store but I've only wore them once because it's hard to find an outfit to pair them up with.

They didnt have the low-tops in this color so I bought the high-tops. This is a purchase I regret.

My various pairs of flats

I love Converses

I love Vans too

Nike G series

More flats cause I can't seem to be able to walk in flats

The Dr. Marten's

Damn!! more shoes

I thought I was so fly when I bought these, Girl bye.

I really think I should consider selling off some of these shoes or just putting them in one of those "Cloth The World" containers on the side of the road. Some of these shoes I haven't wore in long time. Doesn't make sense to keep holding on to all these pairs of shoes. Kinda sad. The reason I have so many shoes is really due to the fact that I use to work for an online shoe company. The shoe company gave employees 70% discounts on shoes. Anyway, these aren't even all my shoes but I got tired of taking pictures. All these shoes and no where to go.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Job Interview with

Job Interview with

I had another job interview today in NYC with Alltherageonline. The job was for a experienced shipping and stock person at an online jewelry company. I really felt like the guy interviewing me was interested in hiring me but the pay was really low. The job entailed a lot of responsibility and multi-tasking which I enjoy doing because I like to stay busy. He needed a self starter with initiative ( bingo that's me) but I think he lost interest in me once I voiced my salary requirements. He wanted to pay $10hr ( hello!!!! this is NYC not Kansas) for the position and we all know I can't pay my rent with those numbers so I asked for $12-$13 hr. I know the economy sucks and this would be a great opportunity for me but how am I gonna live on such a low salary. It doesn't make sense and I guess I'm back to my job search. To bad, I really would have loved the position. I'm getting sick of this.

Window Shopping at H&M

Window Shopping at H&M

This is a military style grey stretch denim jacket. I thought it was really cute because of the wash and the fact that it was cropped. In the photo the jacket is closed but I would wear it open with a plain white tank top tucked into a nice pair of black skinny jeans.

I loved this shirt. It was long and could have been a mini dress. I would wear this with some black lace tights, black suede thigh high boots, a black motorcycle jacket and a cool hat with a brim.

Great floral blouse. The black lining gave it some edge. Me like it.

I enjoyed the lace top on this blouse.

Very 80's but cute.

H&M had some nice leggings on display. Here is one.

I want these sneakers.

A nice military inspired jacket with a fur trim. I need to stay away from the military stuff. I have enough from my days in the Air Force.

I never liked fur but I thought this jacket was fun.

I really like how this look was styled. I love layers.

More cute sneakers.

This leather jacket is bad ass.

This coat was made for me. I wished I had tried it on before I left.

This coat was interesting just not on me.


Sparkly shoulders

More sparkly shoulders

The shape on this sweater was amazing in person. I don't think I captured it here.

Don't forget to accessorize