Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Hate Laundry Day

I Hate Laundry Day

I have pushed off going to the laundry mat for weeks and today I decided to get up and just get it over with. Plus I was out of socks and underwear so...........

This is what I use as a laundry bag. This is my duffel bag issued to me while I was in the military. What was once used during a time of war now carries my dirty clothes.

Me waiting for my clothes to dry. Cool reflection.

I have completely worn this cardigan out. I bought this maybe over 2 years ago from Urban Outfitters from the men's department. Never would I have thought I would be wearing it to every job interview. This cardigan completes my uniform when I'm out job hunting. Basically it is one of the few nice things I have in my wardrobe right now.

This shirt has seen better days.

I got this shirt when I subscribed to one of my favorite magazines "Nylon" over a year ago.

The story behind this satin robe is it use to be my mother's and I always saw it hanging up at her home but she never wore it so one day I asked if I could have it and she gave it to me. I love the color cause its has a pink/peachy tone. Plus it's very comfy.

My poor tights. They are so tired of me. I wear these things all the time even to job interviews. I have 3 pairs of these and I wish I had bought more. They are stirrup type legging from Target. The tights are definitely way over a year old and I wear them so much they have holes all over the inseam but I cant throw them away because they are the most descent pair of pants I have and they still fit me.

I wear this jumper to every job interview along with the cardigan and stirrup tights.

Finally finished. The End

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