Tuesday, September 29, 2009

indiegoepop Giveaway

indiegoepop Giveaway

Im giving away the jewelry I made for my indiegoespop fashion line. My intentions was to sell these pieces but I decided in order to gain what I want in this struggling industry I need to give something in return. I think giving away my jewelry is a good way to gain subscribers and recognition for my blog. All I ask in return is that who ever receives the jewelry takes some pictures of yourself wearing it and email it to me so that I can post it on my blog. Along with the pictures I want you to write a little response explaining what you like about it. Also include your name and where your from. This should be fun. The jewelry I made are made by the hands of an amateur. I have never made jewelry before and these are the first. So pick a piece and email me with your request. Remember your not just supporting fashion your supporting art and a dream.
Email me at indiegoespop@gmail.com. The names are located underneath the pictures.

Drip Layer SOLD
Concrete Rose SOLD
Delicate Flower
2 Simple
Black Velvet

Twisted SOLD
Green Leaf SOLD
Golden Star

Silver Circle

Peace Sign

No Future

No Future

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is this Fashion????


See this is what Im talking about. Posing next to two Louis Vuitton bags is not fashion sweetie. Um No boo boo. I cant even see what the person is wearing behind those huge bags. How Dreadful.

Oh These are Cute

You know this collection could have looked slutty and probably still could on the wrong body type. These dresses are absolutely fab. Oh! and what about those shoes, Werk!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

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I Die for Phillip Lim SS 10

I Die for Phillip Lim SS 10


provided by Refinery 29.

I am officially dead after seeing Phillip Lim SS 10 collection. Another bright side at Fashion Week in NYC. I dare any of the designers to top his designs. My favorite look was the shiny, silvery tuxedo dress,Damn that was good. My mouth was wide open from start to finish during that video.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Head Shots Only

Today was a boring dress day for me. My closet is getting smaller and its getting hard to find things to wear when your low on funds and everything in your closet is years old or to small. I'm trying my best to put outfits together but things are a mess and I don't have enough looks to just throw together. See, when I started this thread I was employed and thought starting a blog about my fashion dairy would be a fun idea but now its become a little bit of a burden. Anyway, today I put on a simple grey tank and black leggings along with a trench jacket and went off to school. The only thing fabulous about my attire was anything from the neck up. Earrings from Forever 21 and head cover from American Apparel. Enough said.