Friday, September 4, 2009

Unintentional Shopper

So today I unintentionally went shopping. Believe me when I saw I had no intention to buy anything at the mall only window shop before I went to class. Well that idea went out the window with my first purchase at Charlotte Russe. Lawd!!! they had a buy one get one for $5 sale on leggings and right now if you all have been paying attention to my blog you know leggings are everything when it comes to my outfits. So as soon as I saw these grey legging with zippers on the bottom surrounded by black trim I had to have them. So I grab them along with a pair of navy legging with bottoms.

No sooner then a minute later did I walked down to CVS to buy myself some new nail colors and a topcoat to keep my polish fresh cause chipped nails are not the business. Till I find a job I'm keeping my hide from the mall because window shopping can lead to unintentional purchases.

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