Monday, July 6, 2009

Introducing indiegoespop

Hey guys after weeks of preparation its finally done. This is the debut of my fashion line indiegoespop. My first line and collection is all about passion not profit. Last week I along with the of others put together a little promotional video for the pieces designed by me. The video was produced and edited by Courtney Wilson and modeled by the fabulous Nakyla Barrera. I have set up an Etsy account and plan on posting these creations on the site for purchase in the future. Therefore, please checkout the video and keep a lookout for more updates soon. Also, please post some comments and let me know what you think.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Im Going to Miss Him

I'm going to miss Michael Jackson. He was a musical genius and true artist. Unfortunately, he had a hard life that resulted in such a beautiful yet innocent soul to be cruelly ridiculed through the last years of his life. I have to say we are all guilty of making fun of Michael at some point and forgetting that he is a person with real feelings. We all took advantage of the King of Pop thinking he will always be around cause he seemed almost immortal and magical but now he's gone and we are all in a state of complete remorse. I'm still in shock and remember when I was younger me and my cousins would watch "Thriller" everyday for an entire summer as if we hadn't seen it the day before.

I Love You Michael and I wished we all could have told you that sooner than later. Rest in Peace beautiful angel.

Micheal Playlist. Enjoy