Thursday, October 22, 2009

Job Interview with Yumi Kim

Job Interview with Yumi Kim

I had a job interview on Tuesday for a store in NYC called Yumi Kim. They were looking for someone to fill an intern position that could possibly turn into a full-time paying gig doing inventory for the store. The night before the interview I checked out the site to get familiar with the store cause I had never heard of the name before. Anyway, I loved the stuff she had online especially the patterns. The day of the interview I couldn't eat cause I was so nervous and almost got lost looking for the place. Once I got there I was sweating bullets and luckily the interviewer was busy with someone else and that gave me an opportunity to not only cool down but look over the store and they had some great items.

The music they played in the background was groovin. I heard some Stevie Wonder and all the old R&B jams so that made me feel better. Usually when you go into those types of shops in NYC the music playing in the background is some indie bullshit. OK, finally I'm being interviewed and I already get a sense I was not what she was looking for cause she didn't have much to say to me (maybe it was my dreadlocs, plus size figure or skin tone). The interview was short and I don't think I said the right things to make her want me on her team. I left the interview feeling empty and unsure. Back to the drawing board. Why are fashion jobs so hard to find?

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Samantha Simple said...

I know that feeling, but don't give up.