Friday, October 9, 2009

Say Hello to My Zebra

Say Hello to My Zebra

Can someone explain to me why my old beat up cellphone takes better pictures than my MacBook? Anyway let me tell you guys about this cardigan I'm wearing. Like most of the clothes in my closet its really old. I bought this cardigan almost 9 years ago from Arden B. which was my favorite store at the time. I remember when I was a teenager going into that store and leaving empty handed cause I couldnt afford anything in there. Then I joined the military and on my holiday leave from Texas I went home and made my first Arden B. purchase.


Della said...

I love that shirt! Way cool.

What branch were you? My whole family is Army or Navy.

I got the necklace, thank you so much! Classes are done with for the week so I'm hoping to take pictures today.

Kelkev said...

T was in the Air Force and Im glad you got your necklace.