Sunday, October 25, 2009

indiegoespop Giveaway Update

indiegoepop Giveaway Update (whats left)

I'm giving away the jewelry I made for my indiegoespop fashion line. My intentions was to sell these pieces but I decided in order to gain what I want in this struggling industry I need to give something in return. I think giving away my jewelry is a good way to gain subscribers and recognition for my blog. All I ask in return is that who ever receives the jewelry takes some pictures of yourself wearing it and email it to me so that I can post it on my blog. Along with the pictures I want you to write a little response explaining what you like about it. Also include your name and where your from. This should be fun. The jewelry I made are made by the hands of an amateur. I have never made jewelry before and these are the first. So pick a piece and email me with your request. Remember your not just supporting fashion your supporting art and a dream.
Email me at The names are located underneath the pictures.

Drip Layer SOLD
Concrete Rose SOLD
Delicate Flower
2 Simple
Black Velvet

Twisted SOLD
Green Leaf SOLD
Golden Star

Silver Circle

Peace Sign

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