Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Magazine Collection

I have collected tons of magazines in my apartment. 90% of the magazines I have are fashion related and maybe thats the reason I can't depart with them. The fashion mags I subscribe to range from Vogue, Nylon, Lucky, Bust, Allure and Glamour which reminds me I need to get Harpaars Bazaar. I love Magazines and looking at their glossy eye popping pages. The ads are my favorites and I never read the articles because I could care less about the starlets on the cover and all the back story surrounding their lives. Who cares?

I want art filled pages and perfectly airbrushes models selling me shit a cant afford or even want for that matter. I mean some of the stuff in fashion mags are just for gagging purposes only. finally, I need to get rid of some of these magazines or turn them into a art project in the near future because my apartment is starting to look a little like a messy old lady lives here and I cant have that.

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