Monday, January 11, 2010

minimarket S/S 2010

Minimarket S/S 2010

Remember when I was interning as a Stylist Assistant? That internship was so short I almost forgot till I saw the S/S 2010 collection from minimarket. I was introduced to minimarket during my internship and was drawn mostly to their shoes and accessories more than the clothes. Now I see how the full collection comes together for spring. The looks are simple, laid back and smart. Its differently the colors that push this collection in a fun and fresh direction.


Beth Ruby said...

Love this collection, thanks for sharing!
That skirt on the 3rd photo down is awesome and I love those MK and Ashley Olsen style glasses :)

Oh and I am glad that I clicked on the link from the Delance Fashion site to find your blog it is great :)

Amazing post

Kelkev said...

Thank you Beth.