Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Love for Fashion May be My Destruction

I love fashion. No, I absolutely love fashion and my love for it has left me unemployed and financially depleting as I type these words. Like I've posted before I left a great paying job with the federal government in August of 2008 to pursue my dream. All I wanted was a chance to work in a industry that promoted fashion and creativity. after I resigned as a Claims Assistant with the Department of Veterans Affairs I started applying for internships and part-time jobs cause I had so much money saved up in my bank account I knew it would hold me over till I found a more full-time and permanent position. Well nothing ever panned out that way and who knew the economy was going to take such a nose dive, I sure as hell didn't. I went from hopeful to hopeless and watched years of savings go down the drain. Money that I had saved from my time in the military and years after that gone.

I never knew I would be where I am today. Months went by with no job and then finally in April right before my birthday I got a job working for a jewelry and accessories company that sold to many popular chains and I was so excited to get it. Unfortunately, after only a month I was laid off because the company was over spending and lost track of their finances. Basically, I should have never been hired because they didn't have the money for an extra employee and it was a mistake on their part that I had to pay for. Now I am unemployed once again and I haven't a clue what to do. I feel like a fool for leaving my job with the government but I wasn't happy.

I thought with my heart not my head when I could have used both. Its weird I never take risks NEVER! and I finally decided to take a risk that is costing me big time. I wonder when will this risk pay off? I hope someday it will and I'll look back at this moment and say I'm glad I did that cause now I'm better off. Currently, I'm thinking about how stupid I am and I made a big mistake.

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