Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Le Sac Dress

Le Sac Dress

Oh wow I really love Le Sac Dress from American Apparel. The dress comes in a great selection of colors and can be worn in several different styles. Although, I hate showing my arms and shoulders this look could easily be paired with a shawl,jacket or cardigan.


K. Michel said...

American Apparel, eh? I'm not sure but, don't they have like $70 socks over there, Miss Kelkev? I can only imagine how expensive this probably is...

--And you know, if you decide to get it, you have to put up a pic. Well, you don't have to ...but it'd be nice, babe.

Kelkev said...

The dress is actually only $38 but I totally get what your saying. American Apparel is nothing but a bunch of overpriced basics. $40 for a basic tee is a bit much when hanes sells them in a pack of three at walmart for $11.99.