Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Luv Rings

I Luv Rings

  Lately, I have become obsessed with buying rings and on an average day I wear between 4 and 5 of them at a time. Most of the rings I've bought are very inexpensive and range from $4-$23. Many of the rings have been purchased from stores like Spencers, Charlotte Russe, Claire's, random vendors.


Opé - Style Artist said...

You have some haute rings!

Kelkev said...

Thank you.

Della said...

Very nice collection! I'm still working on mine...I think I have seven. (Maybe? Could be more!)

Roya said...

This ring collection is blowing my mind. I have like... 3. I do want more though! (It's kind of become my new mission to start collecting rings.)

Anyways the point of this comment is that I'm super jealous.

Dee O. said...

WOW!! You have such a great collection, I need to step my ring game up lol! :) Stay fly!!

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Megha Sharma said...

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Stunning!! You have such an incredible accumulation, I have to step my ring diversion up lol! :) Stay fly!!