Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Time at Fashion Week

My First Time at Fashion Week

Before the show

Practice run

Backstage as the clothes are being steamed


People starting to take their seats


The dressing room aftermath

As everyone knows I'm interning for Loden Dager and this year I got the opportunity to participate in their show at Fashion Week. This was my first time at a Fashion Week event and I really enjoyed myself. The show was held at the Audi Showroom on Park Ave in New York City. I got there at 10am and had the chance to see all the seating arrangements and people preparing for the show. My job was basically to help out with seating, backstage and cleaning up after the show.

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Ivana said...

Soo cool! My friend was there a few seasons ago to model for the Calvin Klein show!

The atmosphere must be amazing!